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Nikolaev biofuel plant was founded in 2010

Main products – pellets (bio fuel pelleting of alfalfa, granulated bran)
Production capacity 3500-5000 t/h
Delivery in big bags or loose in bulk, container

Nikolaev biofuel plant produces

waste from the production of sunflower oil (sunflower husk) pellets - biofuel for modern solid-fuel boilers, which became widespread in the conditions of deficit of natural gas.
The practice of application of this fuel has already shown its high energy efficiency and is one of
ways of energy saving.

In addition to pellet production, the plant equipment can be easily converted for the production of granular
feed for livestock. Plant in large quantities already distributes granulated forages of alfalfa and bran.
The versatility of the equipment allows to make production of pellets straw, wood chips, sunflower husk,
grain waste, bran, green mass of forage crops, including alfalfa, etc.